Avalon: A Better Solution

Avalon Solutions Group is a technology company focused on the development and delivery of SAAS based value added services supporting the payments business process and targeting the small business market.

Developing a Solution That Truly Helps Small Businesses

The Backstory

With over 40 years of experience working within the payments industry, we realized that large retailers had access to powerful payment and business intelligence solutions that were out of reach for the smaller merchant.

The primary solution available for small business was payments-only processing services. A merchant who wanted anything more could attempt to link and sync disparate software applications to create similar tools but this was costly, difficult and time consuming.

The Vision

The goal was to deliver a solution that truly helps the small business to drive revenue, create operating efficiencies and cost savings. Instead of looking at the payment transaction as the end of the business process, they saw it as the beginning of a much larger process that starts with connecting the sales transaction data to the back office. The data could then be used to generate insights that would help the small business owner more effectively run their business.

The vision would deliver desired operational efficiencies through a fully integrated system that operated through a common database. This system would include not only a payment solution but would also link and sync back office accounting software, business reporting, inventory management and more. In addition to the desire to create an all-in-one solution, the team wanted to deliver it in a package that would be extremely secure, protecting the small business from security breaches and fraud.

Delivering Results

The Company founders realized that to be successful in delivering a comprehensive solution like this to the small and mid-sized business (SMB) market, the solution had to be point-and-click simple to install and use, as well as be sold at reasonable price point. They wanted the business owner to be able to get back to get back to what they love – growing and running their business instead of wasting time trying to integrate disparate applications.

The solution became myOmny – built for the express purpose of helping small business owners get back to what they love.

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