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Avalon Solutions Group has built an mPOS solution designed to bridge the gap between merchants and their providers. With real time integration to QuickBooks Online, merchants are assured to have immediate, up-to-date information. This allows business management by the minute. Gone are the days of daily reports.

The Beauty of Real QuickBooks Integration

Customer data, Product and Services details, Inventory counts, Sales Receipts, Invoices and Payments, and Sales Tax Rates up to date, all the time.

It Only Takes 10 Minutes (MAX) to Link and Sync all Your Data!


All you have to do is connect myOmny with your QuickBooks Online account using the myOmny built-in wizard and the rest is automatic. With no CSV files, or other kludgy work-arounds, your myOmny mPOS will have all the data and history you need to effectively and efficiently interact with your new and existing customers, without any additional work on your part.

How much will you save by syncing with QuickBooks?

Cost per Week
Entering sales data into QuickBooks
Reconciliation of Inventory
Savings Per Week:
Savings Per Year:
# of Hours/Wk Entering Sales Data
# of Hours/Wk Reconciling Inventory
Average Hourly Employee Pay Rate
Total Hours / Year

Equipment for Any Business

Combining well built hardware with a dedicated software product in myOmny, Avalon supports a wide array of products to suit every merchants needs.

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A Product that will Grow With You

Take advantage of industry standard hardware while maintaining the highest levels of security ensuring readiness to adapt to future technologies and trends.

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End the Cycle of Attrition

Provide more for your clients without breaking a sweat. Expand your market reach with a value-added solution while increasing your stickiness with merchants.

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